Concrete Paths and Patios

At Any Base Any Place concrete paths and patios are a magnificent addition to any home. We use the best materials whether you require a pattern imprinted concrete patio, a concrete garden path or a concrete ramp to improve access.

About Our Concrete Paths and Patios

A concrete imprinted patio not only enhances a garden greatly but can add that extra outdoor space when the weather is fine. Any Base Any Place offer a large range of concrete colours and imprinted patterns, so your new garden patio or path can be designed to compliment the style of your home and garden.

Ensuring your complete satisfaction is a priority, as the most satisfying jobs are those we receive through personal recommendations.


An attractive patio can transform the exterior appearance of your home or business, whilst creating extra space. Whatever the size and style of your property, Any Base Any Place can build a high quality paving and patio installation that will enhance its surroundings.

When creating a patio there are many options available with regards to the choice of design and materials, e.g. block paving, pavers. We can create patios from flagstone, clay brick, patio pavers, concrete or gravel.


The most common colour for a flagstone patio is red, blue or buff. There are also regional material variations such as Chicksgrove stone, Chilmark stone, Purbeck stone etc.

Flagstone patios have an earthy and timeless appearance, and are irregular in shape, so look great. This type of patio needs adequate drainage as flagstone suffers from erosion and splitting, and some types of flagstone also require maintenance.


Clay brick as a patio building material is very popular as its rich and warm colour compliments both traditional and contemporary surroundings.

With clay brick a wide variety of patio patterns can be achieved, from rectangular to round, and reclaimed brick has also grown in popularity, owing to its aged look. A bonus with using clay brick for your patio is that if individual bricks get damaged these are easily replaced.


Pavers are varied and come in natural stone, concrete and clay.

Stone or concrete pavers are good for patios, as they may last longer and fade less than other types of paver.


A concrete patio is usually less expensive to build than other types of patio. It is, however, one of the most durable, although it can crack over time especially after a freeze/thaw cycle of weather.


Gravel patios are quick and easy to lay, can deter growth of weeds and, compared to other materials, offer excellent drainage.


We offer a full preparation and laying service for all types of patio paving and only use the finest quality materials, to ensure a great result.


We provide a patio repair and restoration service, and are always happy to offer free advice for any patio project.

For more information on our patio installation services please get in touch.

For more information about concrete paths and patios in Guildford, Aldershot, Farnham, Surrey & Nationwide, please contact us.

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